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Know God Step 1

Sin simply means that we can’t measure up to God’s perfect standard of righteousness.

We are all sinners.


Know God Step 2

The penalty for sin is death and Hell, but the Good News is that God loves us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to suffer a death for us so that we might be forgiven.

God offers us salvation as a gift, but like any gift it must be received to be ours.


Know God Step 3

To repent means to change your way of thinking, to change your direction in life. A direction towards God.

We need to confess our sin and repent to be in agreement with God that we need His grace and forgiveness in our lives.


Know God Step 4

Right now, Jesus is waiting for you to call on His name and receive His gift of salvation. But He’s not going to force His way into your life. He wants you to take a step of faith and desire a relationship with Him.

You can do that right now by praying the prayer below, and meaning it with all of your heart.

“Dear Lord, I know that I am a sinner. Please forgive me for all my sin. Come into my heart and save me, and help me to live for You the rest of my life. I give You my life. Amen.”

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