The purpose of 412 Church Temecula Valley is in our name – three different “4:12” verses:

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WIN – ACTS 4:12

If the Word of God were a seed, the “WIN” would be when the seed takes root. That incredible moment when a root sprouts, a leaf starts taking in light, and new life begins.

That describes the “win” in the life of a Christian. The Word of God entered their heart, sprouted, and a new life began in Jesus.

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Once the seed takes root, growth is natural, and necessary. If the plant is going to be able to survive the inevitable storms, it must become strong and secure.

The same is true in the life of a Christian. The storms of life are sure to come, which is why it is essential they become a “DISCIPLE”; a person who is growing in their faith and knowledge of the Word of God.

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When a tree is mature, it bears fruit. It doesn’t have to try, it just happens naturally. The fruit is sent out in to the world with it’s seeds in it, ready to start the entire process over.

The same is true with a person who has Christian faith. When they grow in that faith, they find that the Lord will equip them and “SEND” them into the world to have a positive affect on it.